The formula COLLAB-EXPORT is composed of 6 modules that serve for implanting a partner in a target country.


When targeting the development as strategic supplier, the 6 modules are applied but with 

respect to the suppliers' management systems of the large companies or multinationals as a key reference.

Accompagnement des PMEs pour l'exportation
Accompagnement pour l'exportation



"Ready to Export"

The target is to evaluate how ready is the company to strategically go internationally based on 4 dimensions:

​‘Business Capability Assessment’ => evaluation that scans the existing management systems and their level of maturity in accordance to different aspects like organisation, production, supply chain, digitalisation….

Exporting Capability Assessment’ => evaluation of the level of readiness of the company to export, like attractiveness of their offer, resources adaptability & the drive to export.

Resources Calculator’ => analyse the capacity of the processes over the value chain of the company in order to identify the bottlenecks based on various scenarios of combinations of products' volumes.

Financial Analysis’ => 2 types of analysis: Dupont ratios + Cashflow analysis, to visualise the financial health conditions of the company and its capability of the company to finance exporting activity.

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Define the relevant strategy to target the international markets: 

which products in which countries through which type of partnership or becoming a strategic supplier?.


All the external relationships & informations' sources of the company will be integrated to detect available opportunities (ex. CCI, Agencies of export development, Bpi, Multinationals….).

Strategie Export


Supply Chain 


- Define the mix of products & services to be offered in the targeted countries and in which form (ex. final products or sub-assemblies)?


- Define how the partners or multinationals will be delivered and supported?

















- Establish the contacts with prospected partners or with the 

interested large companies/multinationals.


This module will be conducted in parallel with module 4.

Stratégie Export


This is the main module for action on the field, based on the strategy visualised in module 2:


Qualification & Engagement of Partners

Stratégie Export




Continuous improvement is a necessity to compete in the domestic market as well as for export. Consistent quality, competitive prices with the shortest lead-time, are the essential performance criteria expected by the partners and their clients.


This module is initiated from module 1 till the project end in order to create a culture of continuous improvement.

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Know-how Sharing

COLLAB-EXPORT formula is completely transferred to the company's teams  at the end of their first experience of deployment, including all the methods & tools.















This module is a process of confirmation that the sharing was established.

Accompagnement pour l'export